Shekou Squash



Shekou Squash Ladder

If you would like to play a game of squash here is your chance!

The Squash Ladder is open to all levels of playing ability. We are still looking for new players.

Where to Play

The squash courts are located at the Ming Wah International Convention Center.

Add: No. 8, Gui Shan Road, Shekou Shenzhen, China.

Building B, 4th Floor

Booking Number 2668 9968

Squash equipment is available to rent at the reception desk.

The courts cost 50 RMB / Hour until 6:pm, then 80 RMB / Hour after that.

How to Join the Squash Ladder

On the Sports Notification Board (located in the Snake Pit), print your name and contact details clearly on the front of the index card, and your preferences for day/time of play on the back.

If you are new to the Ladder, feel free to challenge anyone you think might be at your level, and play from there.

If you win a game, move your card up the ladder 1 location.

If you lose, move your card down one location.


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