Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee

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What is Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular team sport played in many high schools and colleges in the US. Well at least it started there, now it's all over the world. It is a non-contact co-ed sport played on a field similar in design to an American Football or Rugby field. Two teams play against one another by placing 7 players on opposite sides of the field. The game starts by one team throwing the disc to the opposite team and running to the other side of the field to defend them. The receiving team will have one person catch the disc or go pick it up where it's landed and from that point on, any person who is holding the disc can no longer run. The person holding the disc now will be defended by one person and have 10 seconds to pass the disc to another player on his team. The disc can be passed forward or backwards in any direction but when passing, a thrower must keep his left leg planted in the ground and can pivot on his foot.The way to score is to move the disc by passing accurately to players on your team up the field and catch the disc in an endzone. The team with the most points at the end of play wins.

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