Q. Is the Snake Pit a private club which is only open to members?

Everyone is welcome to come to visit and check it out. You can also plan your own party activities here if you want. Contact the manager for more details.


Q. What is the difference between Members and Non-Members?

As a Member of the Snake Pit you have priority over non-members when booking your own private gatherings, parties or other activities.

Members will also enjoy a discount on Drinks and Food in the form of a bonus when adding money to your membership card (i.e stored value card), where depending on the amount deposited onto your card/account, you could receive up to 25% bonus value.

We often hold different activities and provide free drinks or food to members only.

Non-Members can enjoy everything in the bar at normal price, but during special events you would have to pay for the food and drinks (while members are free of charge)


Q. How do I become a Member?

Membership Forms are available at the Snake Pit.

You will need to be sponsored by 2 active members and pay the membership fees (700 RMB)

This includes a 350 RMB forever membership fee, which goes towards charity, a Snake Pit T-Shirt (designs change every couple of years), with the balance being applied to your membership card / account. This balance / value can be used to purchase Foor, Drinks or Merchandise in the Snake Pit. When this value has been used up, you can recharge it to enjoy further savings

There will also be a small ceremony, where you must drink a shot of our Snake Juice (Vodka with real snakes inside), and answer a question.